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Masterclass meets weekly to give students the opportunity to perform for each other, bring in guest artists, and receive information from the executive board. 

Member Requirements

Studio members who take applied lessons and attend masterclass are expected to perform at least twice in masterclass and general recital from works they are studying in their lessons.


Students perform various musical selections including solos, personal arrangements, and orchestral works. At the conclusion of each performance studio members will analyze their peers work and are expected to give thoughtful feedback.


Intermixed in our weekly masterclass we often have guest artists and industry professionals come in to give lectures on any number of topics.


Some of these topics include: Keyboard Percussion Performance, Brazilian Percussion, Beginning Percussionists in Education, Composition and Arranging, Freelance Musician Tips, Orchestral Techniques and Tips.

Some of our past guest clinicians include:

  • Andrea Venet
  • Bill Wigins

  • Carl Eppler

  • Chris Riechemeier

  • Derico Watson

  • Jerry Tachoir

  • Jim Riley

  • Juan Alamo

  • Mark Ford

  • Matt Billingslea

  • Michael Spiro

  • Nathan Daughtrey

  • Pius Cheung

  • Richard Graber

  • Richie Flores

  • Robert Van Sice

  • Scott Brown

  • She-e Wu

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